Regenesis Industries Private Limited(RIPL) was founded by Mr.Indrasena Reddy Aileni in the year 1999 as M/s.Vijaya Explosives Pvt.Ltd., which engaged in manufacturing of Industrial Explosives at Bommalaramaram(V&M), Yadadri District, State of Telangana, India. In 2002,at the same location Mr.Aileni started the production of Explosive & Initiating systems Under the company name; M/s A.P Explo Chem Private Limited.
In 2008, RIPL acquired M/s.Techno Blast India Pvt.Ltd, which was a sister concern of Bharat Explosives Limited Located at Chandrapur, State of Maharashtra and Raigarh, State Of Chhattisgarh. In the year 2010,these companies merged to one company as M/s. Regenesis Industries Private Limited.
Regenesis Industries Pvt.Ltd. manufactures a wide range of industrial explosives and accessories/initiators which include Cartridge/Packaged Explosives such as Slurry & Emulsion Bulk Emulsion Explosives (SME), All types of initiating Systems such as Elecric Detonators, Special Ordinary Detonators, Non-Electric Detonators, Detonating Fuse/Cord, PETN based Cast Boosters &PETN. We are also Providing job work services at global level for metal cladding and Hardening using our RIPL products.
RIPL has developed all the products with new generation modern techniques and always had a view of QUALITY, SAFETY & SERVICES. The company has highly expertised personnel as well as experienced mining engineers, providing technical services to our customers of Government & Private sector Industries like in; surface and underground mining, quarrying, tunneling applications, and Infrastructure, Cements, stone Crushers.RIPL is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company, using all modern techniques to manufacture and world-class packaging equipment from USA, China & India for our Products. A fleet of nearly 150 heavy vehicles includes Trucks,Tankers & Trailers owned by RIPL as part of Logistics, which serve exclusively for transfer of Explosives and raw materials across India.
Regenesis Industries Private Limited has entered an agreement to manufacture Detonators using “A Process-Safe Detonator” (NHN) Technology from Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), which is the lead Centre of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) under the Department of Space (DOS), Government of India.